Friday, December 26, 2014


We were wandering around the neighborhood the other day and I decided that I should do a special blog post for our friends Lynne & David, who should be starting their annual trek from Tennessee any day now.

Some of the "streets" in Apache Junction are a bit sketchy, and they don't all go through. We knew where we were trying to go but there were fences in the way. Along the way we happened onto Meanwhile ... (back at the) Ranch. Turns out, it's a Bed & Breakfast that backs up to the State Park land. They have rave reviews. I love the name!

But the best part was a super convenient boondocking spot with a killer view. It's less than a mile from asphalt on an orphan piece of BLM land, but the road could well be impassible when it's wet.

Hope that's enough temptation, Lynne. Look forward to seeing you soon.


  1. Hey we need no temptation to head to AJ. It feels like our winter home. And great information re a boondocking spot!
    We are hitting the road on Monday....can't say I am looking forward to the cross country travel...hope it will not be as cold as it was last winter!
    Thanks for the lovely photos. Hi to BJ!

  2. Would you be willing to give directions to the BLM site you found?

    1. You'll need to contact me directly, I'm not going to post more information here.