Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day Zero - Rigging Day

Susie Too showed up at Lees Ferry for our rigging day, all painted, but still without her name on the bow.

She did, however, have dark shelf paper hiding the beautiful oak on the inside of the splash guard. The original Susie Too had black paint on the inside of the splash guard, so the shelf paper was a nod to authenticity.

The Flavell II showed up looking very racy

with some details to be finished up.

Since the Portola did the trip two years ago, this was old hat for her.

Meanwhile, the rest of us were busy rigging the four 18' rented rafts and Helen's 18' cataraft that Tony would be rowing.

Each raft was fitted with a main rowing frame that included a forward hatch that served as the passenger seat and a large ice chest that also served as the seat for the boatman. There was an additional hatch frame mounted behind the main frame, and room for additional cargo under the net in the back of the boat. Each raft got five days of dry and frozen foods in numbered boxes and bags as well as personal gear.

It was a long day of rigging, but everyone was excited and looking forward to dinner with friends and tomorrow's departure.

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