Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Totally Tubular

I wanted to build a gadget cache based on tubes. This one will likeIy take some time to solve. I’ve become more concerned with cache security so I wanted some way to retain it. When I spotted what I thought was an old 2 x 10 along the road in Coolidge, I had my solution.

The rustic stool will give a place to sit while solving the puzzle, and provides a way to secure the cache with a cable if desired.

All of the pieces are dadoed and then the pieces were all glued together and then pinned for double security with 5/8" oak dowels and more Gorilla Glue.

Since the wood was in worse shape than I originally thought, I applied a soaking coat of epoxy resin to stablize it.

Once the epoxy cured, the stool got three heavy coats of satin spar varnish and then the outer tube was fitted to the stool and the end fittings glued with ABS cement. The tube can't be removed without demolishing the stool or the tube.

Inside are more and more tubes. Somewhere there's a log for signatures.

This one was lots of fun to build, but needs a place that I can't provide. It will be made available in a raffle tonight. It will be fun to see who decides they want to be the cache owner for this one.

Note: the cache went home with Mile Hi Travelers who will find that perfect spot for it.


  1. Boy, you are creating some pretty complicated cachea!

    1. I love building and solving gadget caches. So much more fun than finding old pill bottles under a bush!