Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Moods of the Mountain

One of the joys of wandering the desert around here is watching the Superstition Mountains and the moods created by the weather and lighting. Sometimes they're crowned by clouds.

Occasionally shrouded in a bit of mist.

But more often they're seen with blue skies and harsh mid-day light.

On Black Friday I got to watch as the rising sun started chasing the shadows away,

And the next day the view was similar but different as the sun starts flirting with the western horizon.

It really doesn't matter what time or where we've been, my eyes are always drawn back to the Sups to see the latest presentation.


  1. The second to last photo really stands out! Well done.

  2. Always love looking at the Superstitions. My fav is the first one.

    We are counting down to departure and, as always, a host of obstacles lie in our path.

    1. Trusting all those obstacles are resolved. Looking forward to seeing you!