Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sanity Check

It's been six weeks since I've been on the water, so we were past due for an updated sanity check. It's amazing how everything else drops away when I start building a gear pile for a river trip. Tent, stove, sleeping pad, toilet paper, water filter...

Clothes, poncho liner (it's expected to be cooler than we might have hoped,) and towel gets added to the pile. This isn't the first time I've introduced a blogger to this section of the river, nor the second, and I don't expect it will be the last. With hot springs along the way, the towel is essential!

Sleeping bag & stuff sack get added to the pile.

Another check on the weather report resulted in a dry top, fleece, Pendleton wool, and a touch of luxury.

The pile looked pretty big but was supposed to shrink when I started putting it in dry bags. It still looked big...

Meanwhile, BJ packed food and kitchen gear since she's had her personal gear packed for several days.

It all fit easily in the solo canoe with room to spare. Three women, three kayaks, and me. If we're lucky, perhaps others will join us. I sure hope I get invited back.


  1. We look forward to hearing about your trip! That's a lot of gear you packed in there.

    1. With the unfavorable weather reports, we were preparing for most anything, and got a bit of everything, including warm sunshine. Didn't use the kitchen tarp or the first-aid / emergency bag, but did use nearly everything else for a very comfortable camp.

  2. How very lucky is the next "blogger" in line for an introduction! ;-)

    1. I got the impression that she really enjoyed the trip. ;-)