Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Touch of Color

Last month we got the ceilings and the kitchen island painted. Now, with a river trip and a quick Alaska trip stored in the memory bank, it was time to quit avoiding the next step.

I started cutting in around the windows, ceiling, and baseboard. At least this time the Almond Biscuit color was enough change to easily see where I'd been.

Using the roller for the larger areas almost wasn't worth the effort to clean the gear when I was done, but it did make the work go faster. On day one, I got the open walls done in the entry, kitchen, and dining area. The next day all the "stuff" came out of the kitchen so I could do the pantry and the area above the cabinets.

By the end of the second day, we had the place mostly back together again. I've still got the living area and the majority of the entry & hall to do, but just like last time, we've got some important camping to do.

Gotta spread this job out. Besides, I'm not looking forward to moving the bookcases.

Meanwhile, Ms. Crafty has made progress on her latest quilt.

She started this in January while I was working on the solar installation,

and got the cover all put together last week. I suspect if I'd put the paint brushes away, she'd have this one done in short order.