Saturday, January 31, 2015

Urban Boondocking - At A Price

With the youngest member of the Alaska contingent approaching 11 years old, there is always a need for ways to burn off energy. He decided we should go for a hike, and chose the location.

In the process, we found a spectacular boondocking site, complete with a view of Usery Park's Wind Cave in the background.

The site had a clear view of the Superstition Mountains and Lost Dutchman State Park 10 miles to the east.

It had a great view of Red Mountain to the north-northwest. If you could see through Red Mountain, you would have been able to see McDowell Mountain Park another 20 or so miles beyond.

On a clear day you can see forever. On this day, we were lucky to see 25 miles west to downtown Phoenix.

And just in case you need some help with orientation, you can see the Phoenix arrow from World War II flight training days.

To make it even better, it's only 1/2 mile to the dump station at the neighborhood Chevron and grocery store.


the access road is steep and very washed out. If  that's not enough,

there's a gate at the bottom of the hill. At one time, the hill was home to some microwave towers. It is now privately owned and platted for several home sites although for the past fifteen years it has only been used by people looking for a bit of exercise and a view.

Seems like a great spot, IF you could get permission and could get there!

For more appropriate information regarding finding boondocking sites, check out Nina's recent post at Wheeling It.


  1. Wow! I was getting all excited until I saw the picture of the road!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

    1. I couldn't resist the tease, but it would take a big helicopter, or a land purchase and a big pocketbook for road improvements to make this spot work with your outfit.

  2. Gate or not, no way would we be driving up that road! What a gorgeous spot if you could get there.

    1. It would be spectacular if access wasn't an issue, but then it would most likely have a house built on it. Meanwhile, it makes a nice walk.