Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stop It!

I'm going to put an additional 2" lift under the Scamp which means I'll need to relocate the wiring for the electric brakes. I need to pack the wheel bearings, and I'll have the nuts for the brake backing plate off while I install lower shock mounts, so I figured with nearly 30,000 miles on the original brakes, now was the time to install new Dexter Nev-R-Adjust brakes.

It's always fun when boxes of parts for Scamp upgrades arrive. has been my go-to source for brakes, wheel seals, etc. since we bought our first (and short lived) trailer.

While the axle is a 3500 lb. Al-Ko, the Dexter brakes are a direct replacement. The Nev-R-Adjust brakes are a bit more than the standard brakes, but the assemblies are cheaper than buying individual parts so it makes it easy.

With the wheel nuts loosened, I got the trailer jacked up and sitting on jack stands just behind the wheels.

The backing plates are formed differently. the original Al-Ko brake is on the left, the new Dexter brake is on the right. Mounting studs are the same.

It was quick work to mount set the brake assemblies in place. The ring and cable near the rear shoe is part of the automatic adjuster function. Like the standard brakes, there is a left and a right sided assembly. Make sure the correct one goes in each position.

When I wired these brakes, I left enough slack so that a two inch riser can be inserted above the axle mount bracket. I moved the ground lug off of the bottom of the frame so that it won't be in the way when the new riser is welded in place.

Wire splices were done with weather resistant crimp connectors with the glue and shrink sleeves.

The new brakes have two adjuster slots. You need to order the plugs separately. They do not come with the brake assemblies.

I'm real pleased with the new brakes. Don't have many miles on them yet, but what I do have has been all stop & go city streets.

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