Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 5 - Buck Farm to Nankoweap Canyon

We were on the water by 10:40, with a gaggle of boats behind us. I was on Izzy's raft with Leif rowing since Izzy was rowing Susie Too this morning.

Since we were first in line we were able to get some reflection pictures while we enjoyed the incredible, ever changing, views. While many people do this trip for the white water, I loved the peace, and quiet rhythmic sound of the oars, that the flat water brings.

Even Greg in the Portola took on a laidback approach to rowing.

Thanks to Izzy's efforts at our Shinumo Wash camp, Susie now has her name on the bow.

We stopped in the eddy below President Harding rapid (class 4) to get some pictures of the dories for Dave to match to pictures he has of the boats from the 1962 trip.

Stef really enjoyed this rapid, walking back so he could run it again on his Stand Up Board.

Helen ran Susie Too on a clean line.

Natalie rowed Cece's raft for a while
and then jumped back in her kayak for more fun.

It was an easy day with lots of drifting

easy rowing,

and looking around at the beauty that surrounded us.

We camped at the main Nankoweap camp as the sun started settling behind the cliffs on river right.

Dinner was grilled burgers and brats, cooked to perfection by Robb.

By 8 p.m. I was in my tent reading The Emerald Mile on my Kindle. Seemed like an appropriate book for this trip.


  1. John, enjoyed this post...could almost imagine myself there....peacefully floating on the river. That stand up board looks to try one soon....(but not on white water!)

    1. Thanks, Lynne. It's impossible to do justice to the overwhelming scale and beauty of the Grand Canyon, living in it and absorbing it for 25 days.

      The SUP is fun. I didn't use it on this trip, but find myself tempted to get one. It's a great core workout.

  2. John, You have a wonderful talent for distilling so much daily adventure into a few short paragraphs with great photos!

    1. Thanks. That's saying a lot coming from a guy with your skills!