Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 17 - Layover at Lower Whitmore Wash

The sun started to light up the cliffs above Whitmore Wash as a few folks gathered for their first cup of coffee. Lots of others remained in bed on this layover day.

Whitmore Wash provides road access to within a mile of the river. Cece and Stef left us with Ian and Sandi joining the group.

Some of us took advantage of the time off and the weather to wash clothes, read, nap, and relax. Others hiked the short trail to the north rim to help carry in fresh food including 12 heads of lettuce.

But it wasn't the lettuce that caught people's attention! Day 17 celebrations started with ice cream that had been packed in dry ice and carried in by one of Dave's hiking friends. Eighty miles of dirt road from St. George, Utah and 800 vertical feet of trail to the beach. Thanks, Arnie!

Helen spent much of the day keeping an eye on beef brisket cooking in her dutch ovens. As if that wasn't enough, we had port chops AND brisket for dinner!

While some of us fixated on food, Craig enjoyed time with his wife and daughter who had hiked in to visit.

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