Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 19 - Parashant Canyon to Granite Park

I slept very well on my Paco Pad. Woke up early enough to watch the cliff across the river turn from a black outline, to brown, to all the textures that make canyons so interesting.

We left Parashant Canyon about 9:40 a.m. in the morning. With the kitchen located just steps from the boats, it made camp much easier to break down.

Robb put Sandi to work learning to use the throw bag since we had a named rapid today. Two Hundred Fivemile was a class 6, read and run rapid. We managed to find a hole so I got a good dose of wave to cool me off. The weather was warm and the cold water was appreciated!

Tony had a really clean looking load. By the end of the trip he was hauling mountains of "stuff" again.

We arrived at Granite Park at noon. The takeout was short but very steep with a relatively small shelf above. We set up the kitchen but several of us decided to stay on the boats rather than set up campsites.

Izzy and I fixed pork chops with pears in the dutch oven for dinner along with one of her killer salads.

Granite Park was located just above the lip of Two Hundred Ninemile rapid which we would run the next morning.

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