Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seen Around Town

On Christmas Eve we went in to Anchorage on the hunt for a poncho liner at one of the military surplus stores in town. Our first stop was a shop near the ceremonial start of the Ididarod. Yes - it was cold - still minus numbers as we approached noon.

The store didn't have what we were looking for, but did have "David Livingstone" hats in stock. Wouldn't have thought there was much demand for them here.

We did find the poncho liner at a different store on our way home once we were finished in downtown.

We stopped at the F Street Station for lunch but didn't get any pictures. The view of Denali was wonderful - about 100 miles from downtown. The joys of clear, cold weather!

For our friends thinking of Alaska trips this summer, don't expect the Anchorage Visitor Center to look like this by the time you get here!

We're starting to watch southbound flight numbers. It's been fun but it's time to get back to doctor appointments and boat building.


  1. It's beautiful, John. But below zero at noon. EEK! :)

    Hope you have as great luck with your flight home as you did getting up there.

    1. We got the last two seats southbound as well. Nice to be home but we already miss the Alaska bunch. Turk was sure glad to see us!