Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So I Was Wrong

In my last post I said I'd be leaving Bullhead City in the morning after we finished applying epoxy to the inside of the dory. Since Tony had pictures showing exactly where the rear bulkhead should be positioned, we created a spacer to position the bottom of the sloped bulkhead ahead of the rib,

and then storyboarded all of the points for the bulkhead. We'd never used the technique before, but Brad Dimock did a great job of documenting the technique on his Fretwaterlines blog. Brad is a long-time Grand Canyon boatman who has written some excellent biographies of several early river runners and now builds boats in the off season.

Once we had all the details on the storyboard we were able to move the lines to a sheet of merranti plywood for Tony to cut out later.

We finished the day by gluing and screwing the spacer in place and then applying epoxy to the remaining bare surfaces on the boat's interior.

This morning I departed Bullhead while the road over the pass was still in the shadows,

and stopped in Nothing, Arizona for a snack and a look around. Once a town with four residents, it is now an uninhabited wide spot along the highway and terminus of a couple Forest Service roads..

Since I had time, I turned southwest in Wickenburg to find the Vulture Mine. A locked gate, large sign

and gate house were all that I saw of the place on a Wednesday midday.

The nearby BLM dispersed camping area was nearly empty with only four rigs in sight. Looks like some interesting hiking in the area although the signs suggest that it may be busy with ORV, especially on weekends.

Home now, with a box from Amazon waiting. More projects on the horizon.


  1. Nothing. How odd. Almost eerie!

    I hate to sound dumb at what is probably obvious, but what were they mining for? Silver? Gold?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what your new projects might be! :)

    1. The Vulture Mine was a very successful gold mine. Nothing was an attempt to build a town midway between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Their claim to fame was a gas station and convenience store but now there is essentially nothing at Nothing except a cell tower for someone other than Verizon.