Monday, March 11, 2013

More (is) Better

In September last year I installed five Philp-It latches in the Scamp. With a few months use, we found we really like the latch so recently we installed them on all of the upward opening cabinets as well as all of the drawers.

In the original installation, we installed the latches six inches from the corner of the door, wanting to avoid any conflict with the stock pull knob. That six inch measurement didn't work so well with the drawer design. If I'd been smart, I would have just positioned the latch to take advantage of the drawer recess created for the original latching mechanism.

Instead, (with a suggestion from a fiberglass trailer friend) we removed the front of the drawer,

extended the recess with a trim router, reattached the drawer to the drawer front, and installed the latch. Now all the upward opening doors and all the drawers use the same latch system, positioned in the same place relative to the drawer or door face and I'm happy.

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