Saturday, December 1, 2018


It's that time of year when the sweet oranges ripen. We shared our first one of the season today!

Yesterday, I was out doing some cache maintenance on a very grey morning when I got a phone call from our son saying they'd had a large earthquake but all were OK.

We've all seen photos of some of the major road damage and we're hearing about bridge damage as well. Some folks have suffered significant structural damage to their homes,

while it looks like the only structural issue at our Alaska contingent's place was some shelves in the closet.

We're thankful!

Please pray for all the folks who are significantly impacted and all the work that will be required to return their life to normal.


  1. Great news. We were thinking about them.

    1. It certainly could have been worse! Sounds like there's going to be some detours for the foreseeable future, and some pretty extensive civil engineering and road construction projects.