Friday, December 21, 2018

Just Because

For a number of years now, the unique little town of Quartzsite has been home for a few weeks early in the year. This year, I made a quick trip in late November in preparation for the new year.

Quartzsite is known as a winter residence for many RVers. It's home to a world famous RV show in late January, but rigs were already starting to gather, picking out the best spots for their winter boondocking.

Every year, immediately following the Big Show, the Escapees Geocaching Birds of a Feather gather for a few days of fun. Each year, in addition to many experienced geocachers, we also host folks who are exploring what Geocaching is all about.

Last year, I realized that while Quartzsite has thousands of traditional caches, there were some types of caches that were very rare or missing entirely.

Now, there's a new short series of simple (and hopefully fun) caches so that we can introduce new cachers to all of the caches types that incorporate a physical log.

The caches have been active for several weeks now, and I've been somewhat surprised to see that some are perhaps not as simple as I'd expected. On the other hand, perhaps those who struggled with some didn't read the cache descriptions.

They're all in place, waiting for the chance to serve as learning opportunities for new or not so new cachers.

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