Friday, February 2, 2018

Plomosa Road

Quartzsite is either one of those places you 'get,' or you don't 'get it' at all! A little town in the middle of the desert that attracts many thousands of RVers during the winter. We parked at the Plomosa Road area initially. It's the furthest north of town and one of the least crowded spots during the "Big Tent" event. We were there for over a week and the only close neighbor we had was a Fiberglas friend that we were excited to see.

There are lots of trails and roads through the desert that lead to interesting places or perhaps lead nowhere!

Our first afternoon, while wandering around the area, we visited the Bouse Fisherman intaglio. Since intaglio are large, ground level mosaic, it is difficult to get photos.

This photo was taken by a paragliding pilot.

This is the first time that we've attended the opening day of the week long "Big Tent" event. Some claim it is the largest RV show in the world but that doesn't seem reasonable to me. I must admit, the first day parking was a zoo. We got there about 40 minutes early and used the vast majority just to find a parking place that required 4WD.

I ended up back at the tent a couple other times as well. Always crowded, and always reminded me of a carnival. More stuff that wasn't related to RVs than stuff that was.

We did manage to find a couple flexible reading lamps for Jeff's rig.

Across the road, in the swap meet area, I finally located the TPMS that Jeff wanted. No special deal except for the shipping cost. At least it wasn't MORE expensive here like some of the stuff in the tent!

My favorite part about Quartzsite is wandering the roads through the desert. Sometimes the signs aren't particularly helpful.

Some may have been helpful at one time but are unreadable now. (I found another copy of this sign at the end of the road that was still sorta readable - Sunshine Marble Mine, LLC.)

Some signs are clear, readable, and meant to be ignored!

Geocaches are numerous throughout the area, often times close to the road, assuming the road is good enough for the geobuggy to travel.

The desert around here is very firm, with lots of creosote and these little thorny things. This one was the tallest I found at about 6". Many are just an inch or two high and leave your shoe full of thorns if you don't watch where you're walking.

Other geocaches require that you watch where you're reaching!

I was fortunate to pick up four First to Find caches one morning. This was the last of them for me,

just as the sun was coming up.

The land may be sparse, but the sunsets are fabulous!


  1. Sorry we missed you this year. Barb and I thinking about spending a couple of months at Quartzsite next winter, probably late Jan thru March.

  2. Been to Q a few times and kind of get it. Enjoy!

    1. It's really been a delightful time this year. The weather has been great and there are lots of people here that we only see once a year.