Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fiberglas Friends

We're blessed to live close to the Superstitions. Not only does it make it easy to go out to play, but it's also a place that many of our molded Fiberglas trailer friends like to visit. We hit the jackpot recently when two couples ended up there at the same time. Jerry, of Egg Rollings, had to get a picture.

We grabbed the dutch oven and headed out to fix dinner for them. Pot Roast, low and slow, gave us lots of time to play with fire and to catch up with travel plans and aspirations.

There's three pounds of pot roast buried under all the veggies.

The breeze was a bit chilly (at least for Arizona weather wimps) but it was nice and warm in their Clam with a little fire going. A big thanks to Lynne and David of Winter in the Desert who were the first to spill the beans that they were all going to be at Lost Dutchman.

As always, the sunset plays beautifully on the mountain although I wasn't patient enough for a good picture - too busy eating.

The crowning glory, food wise, was Jerry's blueberry cobbler. If I'd been smarter, we would have brought some Tillamook ice cream to add yet another layer of gastronomic decadence!

We'll see them all again in Quartzsite soon.


  1. And, what awesome friends you are. A wonderful meal. You and BJ shouldn't have, but so glad you did. We enjoyed every minute of your visit. See y'all again, soon.

  2. We purchased a clam a couple of years ago. Next to our solar suitcase, easily the best $250 we've ever spent on camping/rv gear.

    1. We've enjoyed the hospitality of Jerry & Wanda's several times. One of these days we may break down and get one.

  3. That was a real special fun day! Many thanks to you and BJ!
    Hope we see you sometime next week.