Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Bit Cloudy

I was wandering north from Yuma towards Senator Wash when I passed a museum I'd noticed once before. This time, I committed to stop on my way back and check it out.

It was my kind of place! A wide variety of rust with a good representation of trucks and equipment in addition to the car collection. Most of the collection dated to the 20's and 30's.

There was a reasonable collection visible from outside the walls.

Once through the gates and with my $5 entrance fee deposited in the iron ranger, I was presented with rows of rust. A couple rows of trucks parked cheek to jowl - so close it was impossible to get pictures of just one vehicle at a time.

In addition to the trucks, there were rows of cars that I pretty much ignored since I didn't have enough time to investigate everything.

There was at least two buildings filled with cars that were cleaned up and painted.

One of the highlights for me was this Ford Class C motorhome. I couldn't decide if it was a homebuilt conversion or purpose built. The current body was clearly purpose built as an RV.

The back had a pair of bunk beds set crosswise with a ceramic sink to one side of aisle and a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat just past the mirrored door. Cabinet work was classic 1930's residential construction.

A once upholstered chair and a swiveling driver's seat made up the seating arrangement. With a restoration, this one would be a real star at vintage trailer rallies.

For me, the most intriguing vehicle was this Dodge bus parked off by itself between a couple buildings.

It featured a Wayne schoolie body

that was in reasonable shape for its age and experience. I think it would be a wonderful candidate for an RV conversion! It would definitely qualify as unique!


  1. looks like you have discovered your next projects!

    1. I'd love to tackle that Dodge except for time, money, and space...

  2. Now that's a cool "find." Quite a collection of rust, and I love the vintage rvs.
    Box Canyon