Monday, January 8, 2018


It's so easy to make plans. Tougher to keep them! Hard to say how many of these will actually come to fruition but it's nice to have some goals. Somewhere in the mix of the next six weeks will be a visit to my Mexican dentist.

  • Friends of Helen Lower Colorado River paddling trip over the extended MLK weekend - This will be the 11th Annual Friends of Helen trip.
  • 46th Wedding Anniversary
  • Jeff in town to use his RV. I think it's scheduled for a few hours in the shop for a steering stabilizer and then Quartzsite for a few days for the beginning of the Big Tent show.
  • Mother-in-law in town to enjoy some sunshine.
  • Hosting a geocaching gathering in Quartzsite that was scheduled prior to MIL's visit.
  • Escapees Geocaching Birds of a Feather gathering in Quartzsite.
  • Early birds for the Fiberglass Gathering at Dome Rock in Quartzsite.
  • Fiberglas Gathering at Dome Rock in Quartzsite.
  • SWAG Geocaching Mega Event in Yuma and related events that conflict with the Fiberglas Gathering.
  • Valentine's Day
  • House building project in Mexico

Looks like we're going to be really busy through mid February with some of the things on the list. Meanwhile, we have other friends and relatives traveling through the area that we're hoping to catch up with as well.

After mid February, we'll have a month or so to take a deep breath, deal with Doctor appointments, and the last mods to Jeff's RV before cruising off to islands, beaches, etc.

In April I'm expecting to be busy making the rounds of all my caches to insure they're ready for summer, truck maintenance, new tires on the trailer and prepping for summer travel.

With as much specificity as there was in the January-February list, the only thing we know about summer travel is that we're hoping to cross paths with the Alaska contingent in late May, possibly in Jasper.

We're wishing each of our friends a Happy New Year!


  1. Well it's good to have a plan so you can deviate from it when you need to! At least you'll know when you deviate.

  2. Plans, and plans. We plan to be at Lost Dutchman next Monday through Thursday. Site 127. Hope we can get together on a plan.

    1. Rumor has it that Tuesday afternoon / evening the Dutch oven may be doing it's thing. I've been communicating with Lynne.