Tuesday, August 23, 2016

While the Cat's Away

While I was volunteering as a consultant for my sister, BJ was busy working on some projects of her own. She visited a number of quilting shops on our Northwest trip. Along the way, she landed on the concept for a project she wanted to do.

She started out leveraging some fabric she'd found to make some large hot pads.

And then she leveraged a pattern to do some applique. This one was done to match the colors of our friend's Tab trailer.

She's paid more attention to our to-do list from our Northwest trip than I have. This was her solution to keep the sensor for the refrigerator thermometer in one place. We discovered our temperature readouts would change most every time we moved the trailer since the sensor was free to move around. When it dropped into the shelves on the door, the temp reported would be higher than when it was on the shelf. This way, we'll eliminate one of the variables.

The big project was new curtains. When we first got the trailer, she replaced the thin factory curtains with a heavier fabric, but she's always wished for curtains that would do a better job of blocking all the light.

She bought a set of black out curtains at a local store, and cut them up in sizes needed for our windows.

This fabric has a bit of texture to it, but is totally opaque. At least she hasn't made covers for the fan yet so I can still tell when the sun comes up.

I'm headed up to the rim with the trailer for a week or so which will give a nice chance to test the curtains.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure when the next blog post will happen. I'm a bit blogged out at this point.


  1. The quilted hot pads look too pretty to use!
    Nice job on the curtains....plan to make some for our trailer soon.