Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Northern Oregon Gathering

Most of my readers know that the blog is almost always running behind reality. This one will be a bit of a spoiler because now you'll know we got here before the blog gets here, but there are always people on the various Fiberglass RV forums that are waiting anxiously for pictures from any gathering. As a result, I'll slip in this near real time post for them, and then go back to finish up our drive up the coast.

Blog posts about gatherings are often boring pictures of white (usually) fiberglass trailers of one sort or another. This time it will be boring pictures from Turk's perspective.

The park is quite nice with the grass recently mowed, and long, level asphalt parking pads. The majority of the sites in the park have water & electric. I haven't bothered to count how many trailers are here, but there's a bunch with a wide variety of brands represented.

Lots of Escapes - perhaps the most prevalent brand, outpacing the Casita attendance? The Escape 21 seems to be the most popular version

although there are lots of other sizes here as well. I haven't seen a 13 footer, yet...

Of course, Donna's Ten Forward was here since she's the wonderful organizer of this non-organized gathering. She does have a bit to learn in that regard - I think the Quartzsite Gathering is even intentionally less organized.

Turk's favorite wasn't even fiberglass. This Camp Inn aluminum teardrop was both beautiful and immaculate.

There were Bigfoot trailers in various sizes,

a couple Trillium,

a very young Happier Camper,
and of course, a number of Casitas. I have no idea how many units are here, but we overran the A loop so they opened the B loop early and there are a few folks over there.

For Turk, the best part is there are other dogs here his size. The worst part is that it's Oregon and it's raining now, so the desert dog is getting his feet wet.

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  1. A desert dog deserves to get to play in the rain, some. Glad you arrived safely, and looking forward to further reports.