Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wave Cave

On Boxing Day, one of BJ's hiking buddies suggested a hike I'd never heard about. The destination for the day was the Wave Cave, in hopes that the weather would be warmer at the beach.

The hike started from the Carney Springs trailhead on the west side of the Superstitions. There is no official trail, and none of us had been there, but how hard could it be?

Early on, we spotted what we thought was our target.

After crossing the border into the Wilderness, we started looking for a track turning off from the Carney Springs trail.

We passed an area that looked like it may have been a miner's camp at one time, with quite a pile of rusting tin cans.

Once we turned off the Carney Springs trail, our track was consistently upwards, working across the face of the hill and then turning into a large ravine.

As we continued climbing in the ravine, our views continued to get bigger. The wind was cold and we were all appreciating our layers, but the views were wonderful!

Almost there!

It's pretty obvious how the cave got its name.

If she could surf the rock, I had to try as well.

It took us as long to work our way back down the track. While the route was obvious if you made the turn off the Carney Springs trail in the right place, it's clearly not an official trail, and demands respect, especially downhill where the loose rocks can be a challenge.

All in all, a really fun hike on a beautiful day. Thanks, Candice!


  1. Like the blue skies. Hope they continue. Still can't get excited about cold and cloudy, even in Arizona. :-)

    1. Me, either. We're looking at waves of rain this week but forecasts right now for MLK in the Yuma area are pretty nice.