Monday, January 11, 2016

Caches - Fun or Evil?

When I was working on digging the trench, I found a cast plastic head in one of the flowerbeds that I was removing. I decided that with a paint job, it would make a good cache. It served as the impetus for a series of caches featuring the Lost Dutchman, Pegleg Smith, and Captain Kidd treasures. They've been in place nearly three weeks now.

I'm loving the comments I'm getting in the logs for the Lost Dutchman and Pegleg caches. Here's a sample:

  • For the Lost Dutchman: "Freaky looking;" "So grotesque;" "Some caches stick in your mind, this one will for me;" "Freaked me out!;" and perhaps the best, "Sheesh, wondered where that went to!!!" (Maybe I should have asked?)
  • For Pegleg: "Got a real kick out of the container;" "What an awesome container;" "Great imagination at work;" and, "I absolutely love it!" 

Since I was in the area when the caches published, I went out to get some pictures. Turns out the puzzle to solve for the coordinates of the Capt. Kidd cache was pretty puzzling. I think I heard "evil" mentioned more than once. (Insert evil laugh and huge smile here!)
While Spencer was here, we finished up some caches that he named Waterworks since they were all made from pipe. They're all classic, fun caches, but unique for this area. Unfortunately, we didn't get placed before he left, but he'll be able to watch the logs to see the comments that people leave when they find them. I've been pleasantly surprised by the very positive comments from folks that have found them.

On a very different subject, the location of the 2nd Annual BloggerFest in Quartzsite has moved to the La Posa South LTVA. I'm still looking forward to meeting other RV bloggers there.


  1. A friend of mine created a cache in a his description he told the searchers to Bring a 16 oz bottle of water, they had to open the pipe cover and pour in the water to make the log that was attached to a float rise to the top. I love your ideas very cool!

    1. I've been VERY surprised at the response to the caches I built with Spencer. One lowest one have 38% favorites while the other three range between 60% and 75% favorites. Not bad when there are a few logs by cachers who never award a favorite.

  2. I've never done that, but I am tickled to read how far the geocache contents have evolved since they first started.

    1. Geocaching has been an amazing fit for me. I'm getting lots more miles of walking/hiking and some creative fun in the shop - nice combination!