Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Bit of Quartzsite

It's more than a bit embarrassing to realize the trailer hasn't been out of the garage since I came home from the Colorado and northern New Mexico trip in early September. So much for a blog with travel content!

The trailer was covered with sawdust from the various geocaches I've built, so I had to start with a quick wash job before leaving town.

There were quite a few fiberglass trailers in various locations at Dome Rock, but I'll be there in a couple weeks for the Fiberglass Gathering. For now, I'm on the south end of the Quartzsite craziness at BLM's Roadrunner 14 day area. Can't beat the price - free!

As I wandered around town the first day, I took a handful of photos of interesting setups. There was a whole group of classic buses out on the Dome Rock road. I spotted GM and Flxible buses in this group but couldn't find an angle for a good group picture.

This unit seems to be prepared to stay awhile of the size of the water containers they were hauling on the trailer was any indication!

Speaking of preparedness - I was really impressed with this unit. Typical Class A diesel pusher, towing a flatbed trailer with their Class B Roadtrek van. Looks like they were prepared for most any possibility.

"Q" is known for the sunsets and it didn't disappoint.

BJ picked up our son at the airport and brought him out for a couple days. He wanted to look through trailers to see what options are out there. Turns out, neither of us saw anything that got us excited enough to dream about it - At least not that day!

We wandered through one of the swap meets. These vintage oilers caught my eye until I saw the price tag - $150 each!

The same place had a cast Pelton wheel without the housing. I have no idea what a person would do with it but they must think someone will want it.

Jeff did manage to spend some money. He got a spare anode for his hot water heater. I managed to avoid spending any money at all. A pretty successful couple days navigating the Quartzsite experience!

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