Friday, August 9, 2013

Short Timers!

We're getting to be real short-timers now after spending weeks more than we expected in Anchorage. No, we're not going to tow our Scamp with this but it intrigued me, thus the picture.

We need to say thank you to Dr. Kira Zerkel and the staff at PET Emergency Treatment as well as Dr. Nelson Priddy of Alaska Mobile Veterinary Surgery who went out of their way to help us understand the issues and implications related to Turk's significant injuries and multiple surgeries. Our confidence in them (and Turk's slow healing) was why we spent the extra time in the Anchorage area.

We've been thankful that the other party's insurance company has been responsive thus far. We trust that will continue when they see the doctor's statement that Turk's healing and resolution of infections may take many months!

The time has come for us to leave town for the last time on this trip. There are lots of places we'd hoped to see and things we'd hoped to do on this trip that have been sidelined to deal with Turk's medical needs. Perhaps that means another trip in the future - it's too soon to tell.

Saturday will see us heading down the road. We'll try to keep the blog current, but expect to be into Canada by mid-day on Sunday where updates will be dependent on finding good wireless access. We're expecting to travel the Cassiar Highway south and head directly to Wenatchee hoping to keep on schedule for the commitments we have with other family members.


  1. The micro-van intrigues me, too. It looks almost like a toy. I picture building a micro camper out of it.

    Good to hear that the other dog owner's insurance has been responsive so far. I'm hoping along with you that they continue to be responsible.

    Sorry you missed so many places you wanted to see, but I sure have loved the places you have shared with us.

    Safe and happy travels. :)

    1. Glad you've enjoyed the blog. Not sure what we'll have for content southbound but we'll try to keep it interesting.