Monday, August 12, 2013

August 11 – Border Crossing

We stopped in Tok for fuel this morning. Paid $4.30 at the junction and then discovered it 15 cents cheaper at both stations on the east end of town.  The weather is spectacular – mid to high 70’s and blue sky. The only significant clouds seemed to be trying to hide Mt. Sanborn.

We stopped for one last top off with Alaska fuel at Border City. While we were there, three other east bound travelers pulled in and decided not to buy. I guess they thought the $6 gas for the next 300 miles might be a better deal.

I know that Canada posts the distances and speeds in kilometers and apparently some people think they can play dumb, so not only were we welcomed to Canada, we were also instructed on the metric system. I expected the next 200 kilometers to be real slow and portions were, but there had been lots of work since May and it was much improved.

Before we got to Canadian Customs (it’s kilometers from the border) we were treated to a long stretch of construction. We happened to be first in line but it was well worth the wait – by far the smoothest stretch of road (gravel) that we expect to see for quite a while.

Because of the wait to clear the construction, traffic arrived at Customs in clumps so it took about 30 minutes wait before we could take the quiz about booze and guns, etc. with a passing grade.

Beaver Creek is one of the communities with a Catholic chapel constructed from old Quonset hut parts.

Home for the night is the Snag Junction Provincial Campground. $12 includes free fire wood IF you brought your own wedge and maul for splitting the rounds.

This post was made possible by the wifi at the Village Bakery in Haines Junction. Great lunch!


  1. Glad things are going well on your return.

    1. Couldn't ask for better! I've been thinking about you two - I think you would LOVE this trip!

  2. There's always something in your posts to fascinate me. This time it was the church made of quonset hut parts.

    Wishing you smooth roads and decent gas prices! :)

    1. Glad you're enjoying it. Much of the road is smooth and when it's not we're finding interesting lines through the humps and bumps. If you were following us, you might think we'd been drinking.