Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26 - Nampa, Idaho

We looked for the Oregon Trail today since the freeway (yup, that word) runs essentially parallel for much of the day, but never found it. We did find a place where the gate was closed since visitors only stop three days each week.

We'll be running freeways for the next couple days as well. I'm hoping the Idaho and Utah freeways will be as smooth as the Oregon freeway was!

Our first destination for the day was the Sierra Trading Post Outlet store. This one is bigger than the one in Reno AND we get to count a cuddly bear among the wildlife (four deer) we saw today.

Our real destination for the day was the offices of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa, Idaho. We're looking forward to dinner tonight with a bunch of folks that we worked with in Indonesia nearly twenty-five years ago. Should be lots of fun.

Once we get home, we'll have another post about tires. I've been very happy with the Maxxis tires we're run for nearly three years but that's not what we're going to running when we finish the trip. For that matter, the tires we're putting on tomorrow morning are going to come off as soon as we get home. It's a long story for later.


  1. Oh how I'd love to shop live at one of those and not online!!!! You are sure making great headway!

    1. The outdoor gear stores are always fun but we have enough gear in the garage so we normally come out of the store empty-handed.

      As you can see, once we got the truck headed towards the barn, it was tough to rein it in.