Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12 – East of Haines Junction

With a bright blue sky, today has been full of reflections, both natural and mental. Our route bordered lakes both large and small. Our summer in Alaska was wonderful, even with our canine challenges. While there is lots waiting for us when we get back to the outside, I’m finding myself hoping we find the repeat button for this trip.

Since we’re backtracking on a portion of road we drove in mid-May, we’re finding comparisons. The obvious one is less snow and the lakes are all thawed. The other is much more traffic. Don’t get me wrong, you can still run for a few miles without seeing anyone but you could just as easily have two or three other vehicles in sight at any point. This is today’s view from the rest area where we stayed the night of May 24th. Lots less snow and there were two tour buses there today!

We stopped at the Village Bakery in Haines Junction to send yesterday’s post and enjoy a bite of lunch. Parking was a bit challenging but we got our order in before a tour bus unloaded! Haines Junction is home to another of the Catholic churches built from surplus Quonset huts. This one was built in 1954 and is supposed to be the most photographed church in the Yukon.

We’re finding all(?) of the rest areas are now signed for No Camping. I don’t recall that many in May, but now the Provincial campgrounds are open and they weren’t then. Boondocking spots take a bit more creativity now. Home for the night is an old gravel pit at about KM1518. It’s back from the road far enough that there’s not too much road noise. At 5 p.m. it’s 89 degrees and BJ is in shorts for the first time in months!

This post is made possible by the free wi-fi at the McDonalds at the Whitehorse Walmart. Unfortunately, their grill "is being professionally cleaned" so there won't be any sausage McMuffin for breakfast.

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