Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28 - Jacob Lake, AZ

We went out to breakfast at IHOP and appreciated the plant growth in their back parking lot before heading south from Springville, Utah this morning.

After some additional freeway, we got to enjoy the quirky nature of the small towns and wonderful scenery of Highway 89. Someone in Gunnison decided that the world needed a Dodge version of Tow Mater.

The towns had their share of old buildings in various states of repair like this building in Marysvale

as well as beautiful, often brick, homes.  This one was in Panguitch, but nearly every town had homes of similar vintage in excellent condition.

In between the towns was either sagebrush and beautiful scenery,

or green fields and beautiful scenery.

Every now and then there would be buildings or foundations indicating a location where someone had once lived. (The pictures would be better but most were taken on the fly.)

On the south side of Kanab, Utah, in the midst of road construction, we spotted a sign that confirms this four and one-half month trip is just about over.

Home for tonight is the USFS Campground in Jacob Lake, Arizona. This is posted via our Millenicom Mi-Fi using our Wilson amplifier and external antenna to pull in a 3G signal.


  1. Yep, you're getting mighty close to home. We love driving Hwy 89. Seems there's always something to see along its route. Hope you have a great homecoming. BTW, how's the pup?

    1. Hwy 89 deserves a lot more time than we've given it! Turk seems to be healing well except that we're still dealing with a continued infection at one spot on his incision.

  2. I'm still enjoying the ride. :)

    I do hope that your hometown vet can get little Turk back to 100%.

    1. Unfortunately, this ride is almost over but it has sure been fun while it lasted. :-(

      I'm hoping the vet can get Turk squared away soon! With a river trip and a wedding between now and Christmas, we're going to be busy enough!