Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Window Awnings - Part 2

In the first installment, we mounted the awning rail for the window awnings. Although the pictures don't show it, the plan is to make awnings for the dinette side windows as well as the back window.

The awning frame is constructed out of PVC Schedule 40 pipe and fittings. The top rail is constructed from 3/4 inch pipe, elbows, and reducers. The bottom rail is constructed from 1/2 inch pipe and elbows. The elbows are glued to the rails.  The stiles (the vertical pieces) are 1/2 inch pipe and are NOT glued into the elbows. The ends of the stiles have been sanded so that they easily slip into and out of the elbows.

The frame breaks down and will be rolled with the awning fabric for storage.

The frame sits on the belly band and will be held in place by the awning fabric and by a 1 inch strap. For now, a piece of Niteline is filling in for the awning fabric. The 1 inch straps were fabricated from materials and fittings available at a local upholstery and drapery supply shop. It was nice to be able to get the buckles in a color other than black! The lower end of the strap has a ring that hooks to a 3M Command hook to form the lower anchor.

The back window awning will be fabricated as two separate units to keep the lengths short enough to fit in the curbside hatch.  The lower rail will take a bit of extra  work to adapt to the greater curvature at the back of the trailer.

Part 3 will follow but it's time to pack up for another weekend canoe and kayak trip, this time to the Black Canyon on the Colorado River below Hoover Dam.


  1. Good looking job. Really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Have a great trip..jc

  2. Thanks, Jerry. Big thanks to Jean (Borderbrae) for the concept and the source for the awning rail & welt.

  3. Looking good. Deployment is becoming clear. Now starting to wonder about stowage for travel. Rock on!

    1. They're disassembled, rolled, and stowed in the curbside hatch next to the water tank, waiting patiently for the next sunny campsite. :-)