Friday, July 26, 2019

Only in Alaska??

As we wandered around the Kenai, greater Anchorage, and "the valley," these were some of the things that caught my eye. Let's start with trees growing between the coupled freight cars. Don't think these are going anywhere soon.

Of course, there are lots of glaciers, even glaciers that can been seen without a boat ride.

Where there are glaciers, there might be bears although we haven't seen any since we left Canada. That said, there was a black bear wandering around the neighborhood yesterday but he stayed a block away so we never saw him.

I don't think I've ever seen a sign like this before. The stairs were blocked off and you were required to walk down a cobble "ramp" to access the beach.

The Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River was happening while we were moochdocking with family. In spite of attending before the weekend, there were still significant crowds, but it was the food vendor menus that confirmed we were in Alaska.

Land or sea, take your choice.

Some of the shirts were interesting. Clearly, folks on the Russian River can't read.

This shirt may be lots more accurate than you would think.

The taste (or at least the vendor's taste) in art is a bit different.

Signage that I've never seen anywhere else. I spent nearly three hours on that particular road and didn't see any of the listed items except for a camp with a four-wheeler near where I turned around.

This was my favorite sign. I think we need to get one for the neighborhood!

Alaska is the only place that I've seen a cache sporting a moose rack!

I did do some geocaching one day, hoping to complete some geoart that looked like a dog sled. I successfully found over half of them, finding both the coordinates and the hints to be highly accurate. Unfortunately, the hint for this one was 6' high in a large spruce tree. I ended up with two more similar cases before I decided to call it quits.

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