Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Windows on the World

From Redmond we headed north, stopping for lunch (and a couple caches) just across the river into Washington at Maryhill, picking up another essential county in the process.

Our destination was Glory Farm. We've been here several times before, always enjoying the friendship of the hosts and donating a bit of time for house restoration projects. In fact, my first project (six years ago) at Glory Farm was window related.

This farm house has always intrigued me. Local lore said it was built from multiple buildings. Now, they removed a section in preparation for a new kitchen. While they patiently (?) wait for the contractor to set footings, I couldn't resist a photo to document at least three of those buildings. (As always, you can click on any photo for a larger version - check out the foundation to clearly see each of the three sections.)

I always ask if they have a project I can work on, and they always laugh because the list is always long. This time, we worked together to get four of the upstairs windows changed out. Unlike the downstairs project years ago, these windows got the replacement treatment.

No telling where the old windows will end up - likely in another project somewhere.

The new windows will look appropriate, but they feature dual pane construction. Now the windows may be more energy efficient than the walls.

Obviously, some of the trim had to come off to remove the old windows,

But with the trim back in place and the labels removed, the improvement in function isn't immediately noticeable to passers by.

And to top off our fun at Glory Farm, we had a beautiful sunset on our last evening of a way too short visit. We'll be back at least once more this year. Who knows, maybe I'll get to come back and help with the kitchen project.

A huge thanks to Ellen and Pat for sharing their farm with us. It feels like home.


  1. We love how you love our home...and us! Patiently (?) all to true, but we are getting to 'practice' patience.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip!
    much love,

    1. We're having a wonderful trip! Looking forward to seeing you guys again in the fall.