Wednesday, May 8, 2019


We've been relatively busy preparing for our summer road trip, but that hasn't precluded me from working on a bit of havoc for our geocaching friends.

Some of our friends gifted us with a couple containers for 155MM propellant charges. It took a while to figure out what to do with them, since the outside dimensions are about 8" square by 3 feet long, but I'm finally making some progress.

I've developed a reputation for making geocaches that are difficult to access. Some of them, like this one, will have layers of challenges before you can get to the logbook.

I've created a monkey puzzle that will have a steel ball with the necessary combination etched on it.

Once you've successfully gotten the ball out and made a note of the combination, it goes back in the green opening, through a piece of neoprene which will keep it from coming back out that direction.

The actual cache container is a piece of 4" ABS pipe that is locked with a combination lock.

The cache and the monkey puzzle component fill this container.

The last step is to build the camouflage around this container so that muggles will see it, but not realize what it actually is. I'll finish up the rest of this one when I get home from our summer wandering. Just like a matryoshka doll, the seekers will have to navigate through multiple layers to get to their goal.

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