Saturday, March 23, 2019

Soft Preparations for Alaska

BJ and I have started making preparations for our 2nd Alaska Scamp trip. She's done a few small projects in the trailer, and completed a very interesting quilt while I wasn't paying much attention. Now that much of the quilt construction has moved to the office/guest room, the regular progress is less obvious to me.

This quilt has all sorts of detail built into it.

Even the back side has an outdoor theme to it. I hadn't intended, but this picture caught that one last pin that got left in until she was folding it after I took the pictures. (As always, you can click on any picture to get a larger version.)

It was only as I was studying some of the panels in this quilt that I realized that she might have a none-verbal message incorporated. I'll let you study the pictures to see what you notice.

I've been working on northbound route planning. says it's a bit over 4600 miles covering 2 countries, 7 states or provinces, and 44 counties. With 401 potential caches on my list, we'll have a lot we skip, but we'll try to get at least one in every county.

Meanwhile, I need to go back and add waypoints for the quilt shops along the way in case she decides I can go along!


  1. What a great looking quilt. Where did she get all those wonderful panels? You're making me very envious with your talk of AK, also.

  2. Definitely a labor of love! and those RV panels from Maywood Studios are adorable! Everytime you see that quilt on your bed, y'all will smile.

  3. March 24, 2019

    John Schroeder

    Today I read your blog with great memories. In 2013 I started following your blog when you were on your trip to Alaska. We were traveling 2-3 weeks later (left late August came back mid September) on much the same trip. It was interesting to read when you wrote what may be coming our way. In July (2013) I went to the Scamp factory and bought the same 5th wheel that you still have. From Minnesota we set out to drive the entire Alaskan Highway. We, however at the end, did not head toward Fairbanks or Anchorage, but went east on the “Top of the world” highway to Dawson City and down to Whitehorse. From Whitehorse we traveled to Haines, Alaska. After seeing both Skagway the Haines we loaded the pickup and trailer on the Alaskan Marine Highway ship. Monday we loaded the rig on the ship bound for Bellingham, Wa. and arrived on Friday. We had a small state room as they would not allow staying in the trailer. This trip was one of the most interesting trips we have ever taken. We stopped at several cities that are not stops for the cruise ships. We met many local Alaskans leaving for the winter. For example, met the former mayor of Sitka, her husband (former head of the Tongass National Forest), an author who wrote about her trip from Lopez island to Ketchikan in a row boat, to name a few. You did not mention your route in your recent blog, but I highly recommend the marine highway route. BTW we sold the Scamp the following spring for almost what I paid for it. Good luck on your travels this summer.
    We have a home in Gold Canyon and have spent winters here since 2004, so whenever you mention an interesting hike I mention it to the hiking group. Regards from Paul Fieldhammer from Minnesota.

  4. If Barb gets a clean bill of health, we'll be on the road north by May. Keep in touch.

  5. Wow! The quilt is amazing, as your trip will be too!