Thursday, March 28, 2019

RV Shopping??

Last Saturday, BJ and I headed out to the RV & Boat show. We ignored the boats that were indoors and instead headed out to wander through the RVs on display.

The Airstream Nest was designed by a fellow in Bend, Oregon before Airstream bought the design. It has very nice fit & finish, but the design wouldn't work for us at all.

I was especially interested in touring the various Class B vans but we got waylaid by the Dock Diving competition.

I didn't expect to see dogs dock diving at an RV show, and apparently some of the dogs (open entry, run what you brung) didn't like the idea. Yup, the dogs were supposed to run, jump, and ideally catch that chew toy in the air.

Begging and pleading wasn't enough to get some of the dogs wet!

The Welsh Corgi was my favorite. Seemed to concentrate on form and keeping eyes straight ahead rather than watching the poorly thrown toy. (As always, you can click on a picture for a larger version.)

With the dock diving session done, we headed back to checking out RVs.

There weren't very many small rigs, so we toured a few larger ones as well. When you find a drawer with this many remotes, you know I was in the wrong place!

BJ approved of the bathroom

and especially liked the shower. Sorry about the reflection on the glass and the missing rain head on the ceiling that didn't make the frame. Yes, there were six shower heads. I didn't check the specs, but I'm pretty sure this rig wasn't using a 6 gallon hot water tank!

Seats for eleven and room for a party,

if you wanted to spend that kind of money on an RV. I think we'll stick with our Scamp.

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  1. Wow. I went to our RV show in Feb. Some of those things are massive! I sat in about 3 class Bs, could maybe be fine that small. Would be easy to drive. Found a few class Cs I liked a lot, still small(ish) but room for a guest. Still, the Scamp works for you, so stick with it!