Monday, March 18, 2019

Doing Some Legwork

With cool weather, the timing is right to tackle some of the caches that require more strenuous 'legwork.' Many of the hills around here look innocuous, but they're steep, and often trailless.

At first, it looks easy enough, but the hint on the cache says it's behind a big rock. These hills are a pile of big rocks!

As we worked our way up the hill, picking a path with the most reasonable rocks and the least vegetation, the view started to grow.

Here comes the instigator. I've been willing to ignore this cache for years until I got some gentle encouragement.

This cache hadn't been visited by anyone for two years. Maybe a few spoilers will help. There's a view of Weaver's Needle (of the Dutchman in the Superstitions fame) that defines a line through a notch,

And a very nice Saguaro cactus. If you get to the cactus, you've gone far enough.

And somewhere within a 1000' or so was this very narrow gauge railroad. There were signs of old mining attempts all over the mountain, but nothing noticeable connected to either end of the rails.

Hopefully, that will be enough help if you decide to pay this cache a visit.