Monday, April 23, 2018

End of the Line

After two weeks of beautifully presented, and very tasty food that didn't get pictures taken before it was eaten,

(Even the one set of menu pictures I took was terrible, but it gives you the idea.)
it was time to see if everything still fit - in the suitcase.

We'd wandered around the Caribbean in a circuitous manner,

arriving back in Tampa before sunrise on our last day.

We spent the majority of the day sitting in the airport, where the food did not meet the same presentation or taste standards.

With a bit of time warp, I'd packed again.

This time, I'd head to the Northwet for some time with family. The primary draw was to help my niece & nephew with some finish carpentry. It's going to be a little strange not have the trailer at one of our favorite mooch-docking spots.


  1. I remember Strawberry Soup from our Alaskan Cruise. Delicious! Dessert before the meal. Looking forward to the cuisine on cruise later in the year!

  2. Food looked amazing (at least it did in my imagination). Have fun in the NW!