Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The High Price (??) of Moochdocking

Just like last year, we stopped in Spokane for some family time. This time, my brother got his project on the list first. We moved the cars out and managed to make a pile of saw dust.

This year's project was much simpler than the project last year. We picked up a couple clear hemlock board, split one down the middle and then cut dados in the facing edges. It took a few passes since he didn't have a dado blade.

This time, I conned him into the dirty work.

Turns out they had a box of pictures that hadn't been unpacked since they moved a couple years ago. Thanks to a concept he saw on "Fixer Upper" they now have a spot to display some of the pictures and can easily swap them out. Works well when you used matching frames for years...

We did a quick project at our niece & nephew's place but didn't get any pictures of that one.

With the projects out of the way, we took a morning to tour downtown Spokane chasing virtual and earth caches.

For all the many times I've visited Spokane in the past six decades, this was the first time to visit the Spokane Falls area. Lots of water flowing! We viewed it from different angles and never spotted a 'line' that we'd want to run in a boat. Lots of recirculation at the base of each drop.

We took a shot at a WhereIGo cache which led us all over a large cemetery reading historical markers. Turns out the biggest challenge of the cache was figuring out how to avoid the sprinklers.

Along with everything else we did in Spokane, we also visited the area's largest quilt store. BJ's stash of quilting fabrics is growing...

But the thing we enjoyed most was time with family.


  1. Have you ever visited the Steam Plant in Spok-a-loo?
    My niece got married there last year it is very interesting. I enjoy the saving and using old buildings rather than tearing down for more parking lots.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Dave. We walked past the steam plant but didn't spend any time. Spokane clearly deserves more time than we've given it so far.