Friday, June 23, 2017


We left Waterton in no hurry, thinking we'd split up our drive to Spokane into three sections just because we could. We stopped at a few spots along the way including some intriguing coke oven remains and a sobering view of a massive land slide.

British Columbia was good enough to place a rest area right by their welcome sign so that became our lunch stop.

It became a cache stop as well, complete with a creek to jump over and mosquitoes hovering, waiting for the order to attack.

We decided to push on to Idaho where there was an Army Corp of Engineers campsite that sounded good in the reviews. Turns out it's the first COE campground we've experienced that didn't have power at most or all of the campsites.

We stayed two days, enjoying the sound of the furnace running, rainy nights, cloudy mornings, and nice afternoons.

The campground reminded me of typical northwest forest service campgrounds. Lots of trees and lots of shade. Not a good spot to stay long term if solar is your primary power source.

We did enjoy the stay, and appreciated the quiet of a midweek visit to a nearly empty campground and a chance to restock the pantry in Sandpoint.

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