Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dead Men Tell No Tales

We spent three days in the Helena, Montana area doing their GeoTour. Once again, locating caches took us to some interesting places including visits to more than one old cemetery.

We spent our first night at the Galena Gulch Recreational Area near Boulder, Montana. Nice location, and free were both positives, but essentially no internet connectivity on any of our various devices.

We'd stopped here to visit the southernmost caches of the Helena GeoTour. One stop took us to a ghost town's cemetery.

Most, but not all of the stones represented children.

The second cemetery served the community of York, northeast of Helena. This picture would make you believe the community was decaying, but that certainly wasn't the case.

York is a small, active village that still used its historic cemetery. The sign pointing the way was posted on a historic cabin which serves as their museum.

Since it was the Memorial Day weekend, the path was lined with flags which made it easier to follow UP the hill to the cemetery.

Typical of a historic cemetery.

We were surprised at the size of some of the stones in the cemetery since there was no obvious way to access it except UP a narrow path. Note the dates on the stone of 1911 for the son and 1898 for the father.

Right next to the previous Smith stone were these two Smiths with much more current dates. BJ appreciated seeing there was another Bette who spelled her name "right."

As we headed DOWN the trail, my parting thought was that I would not want to be a pallbearer in this community!

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