Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Turk

Turk, our wonder dog, celebrated his 7th birthday recently, which makes him officially an old man. He got a cookie

which he didn't gobble. Apparently he's learning some manners.

He also got a cow. A couple years ago, he was affectionately named Turk the City Dog by our friend Ellen at Glory Farm. She seemed to think that he was at a loss on the farm, but clearly he was paying attention while he was there.

He immediately decided that any good Holstein should be de-horned.

He worked on one side and then the other.

Within 30 minutes, the cow was de-horned.

Maybe he didn't learn everything he should have. Instead of tagging the cow's ear, he just chewed them off, too. I'm not expecting the cow to last too much longer!