Saturday, June 20, 2015

Where Have I Been?

I've camped all my life - everything from backpacking to car camping to RVs - and have enjoyed various forms of dutch oven cooking for the past 15 years, but I'd never heard of hobo pies. This is another thing I learned from my grandson while in Alaska.

For those of you that may be as illiterate as I am about the finer things in life, the hobo pie maker is most often constructed from a pair of hinged cast iron pans mounted on long rods. Rome seems to be the most common manufacturer. They're available at Amazon and some of the big box outdoor retailers.

Since Spencer was demonstrating proper usage of the implement, cherry pie filling became the filling of choice. It could just as easily been ham & cheese, or chili and cheese, or ...

Buttered side of the bread down, then the chosen filling,

and then the other piece of buttered bread.

Close it up and hope for the best. I guess your nose will tell you if you keep it in the fire too long. Speaking of fire, we're planning to test ours over a propane burner using ciabatta bread, ham, and cheese. There may be pictures or maybe not...

This is the best picture I have of Spencer's product. Once you bite into it, there's no sense setting it down to take a picture!

Home for one night while taking hobo pie lessons was the NFS Porcupine Campground located at the end of the road just outside of Hope, Alaska.

And here's a couple pictures of our first solo test while we were camping in Arizona's high country. Thanks, Spencer!


  1. When using pie filling add cinnamon-sugar to the buttered side. Yummy!