Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Chasing Cinnamon Buns & Animals

The dense smoke from the fires in Alberta had us a bit askew and likely had an impact on what animals we spotted.

For a couple days we suggested the only animals we would see for this trip were on yellow signs, and that was nearly true for moose and absolutely true for stone sheep.

We had a couple good bear days, including one day when we spotted four different ones. I was especially pleased to get this picture of a black bear grubbing for insects.

BJ got proof that I wasn't that close.

In addition to animals, I was chasing cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns as they are known here. Tetsa River Service claims to be the Cinnamon Bun Center of the Galaxy or something like that. With the weather cooler and wetter than forecast, we decided that staying here overnight would be more appropriate than our planned stop 10 miles and 1,000 foot higher.

Obviously, while their self promotion got initial attention, they've also received some meaningful recognition of their skills. By overnighting, we even managed to arrange to enjoy ours at a more socially acceptable time of day.

What a great way to start the day! (And no, I didn't share - BJ got her own.)

As last time we were here, I was taken by the sign on the gas pump. Turns out the price per liter was the same this time as last, but with the difference in exchange rate, it was much cheaper than before.

We did see wood bison several times along the way including some young ones,

and a single porcupine that didn't look too happy about being photographed!

In the interest of journalistic research, we stopped early one morning at Johnson's Crossing to check out their highly regarded cinnamon buns. They were good, but in the opinion of the judge (me), Tetsa can continue to make their claim to fame.


  1. The woods Bison is the only animal we didn't see last year. I agree with you, though I purchased a cap from there. The Johnson's crossing cinnamon buns were OK, But didn't impress me much. Enjoying sharing your journey with you...jc

    1. Turns out, 28 days Phoenix to Anchorage was just about the right pace.

  2. Your sense of humor for this post was at peak levels :)

  3. Very cool to see these animals! I've seen a bear maybe 3 times in my life...maybe that's OK, at least we don't have them in our back yard.

  4. You're right Tetsa River C-buns are the BEST. Summit Lake was still frozen on our trip across, but we'll probably try and stay there on our way home.