Monday, April 8, 2019

Which Side's Up?

When we went to Alaska in 2013, I decided we needed a bit more storage space. There are some very nice, purpose-built containers, complete with brake lights, but we used a Harbor Freight ATV carrier and a large Action Packer. Turns out it was overkill, and we never used it after that trip.

Note that the carrier never sat level!
This time, our Honda generator is making a one way trip to Alaska and I didn't have a secure place for it in the truck. I made up a smaller base for the main arm of the HF carrier. Among other things, it fits the smaller Action Packer that our generator has been stored in for years. Since we installed the solar system, we've had no use for the generator.

There are two holes in the base (and the Action Packer) - one on either side of the main support arm. A security cable will wrap around the hitch receiver and the hitch before routing up into the container and through the carry handle of the generator may slow down some thieves.

The loop style cam straps are from Northwest River Sports and are well known to rafters.

The other reason for building this carrier was that I wanted a simple way to carry our Rhino "Blue Boy."  We have a couple places that we often go where the internal black tank isn't enough, but it's a hassle to break camp to visit a dump station.

Thanks to the offset on the ATV carrier arm, I can flip this adapted carrier over, giving me about 8 inches of ground clearance,

which will make it much easier to load a blue boy for the trip to the dump site

without breaking camp.

It still doesn't sit level, but I was too lazy to cut and re-weld the stinger to get it squared up.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the other parts of the old carrier. Maybe they'll turn into part of a geocache.

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