Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Running Out of Time

Triple digits are still threatening (the 99 we got doesn't count!) which means that sane desert wandering is nearing an end for the summer. Even now, an early morning start is always a wise decision.

A couple weeks ago, I went wandering, looking for places for a series of five caches. There was an are on the map that had a number of washes but looked a bit barren of trails. It was time to explore.

Turns out, there were some obvious trails and some interesting saguaro. The brittle bush were blooming and an occasional hedgehog, but the grass and other flowers was already brown.

As I wandered the trails, I discovered other, fainter trails that led to interesting places

and interesting rocks - all of which could serve as clues to where this latest series of caches were placed.

Now & then a saguaro would stand tall and get my attention

but this area was different than some of the others. Boulders large and small provided structure for the hills while the palo verde trees and other plants struggled for a foothold.

All in all, I found five spots I liked, all with interesting views that required some effort to attain. We'll see how many are willing to make sense of the directions and try to locate these before the summer heat hits for real.

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