Thursday, August 24, 2017


I've been out placing a few caches and finding a few other caches around the neighborhood, enjoying the sunrises and the views. It isn't often that we get a chance to get a sunrise reflection in a mud puddle. This was my view on the way to check out my Ponder cache.

Since it's monsoon season in Arizona, it's difficult to get a sunrise (or sunset) picture that isn't obscured by clouds. I'm learning that the clouds effects makes for some very interesting sunrises. This is the view from the logically named Lake View cache.

Occasionally, the sunrise looks like fire. This was my view when I place the How Many Kids?? cache.

On rare occasions, the sunrise is viewed over a sea of houses with lots of early mornings joggers about, although my preference is for the solitary peace of the desert. This was the view from the Arizona Jasmer Challenge cache.

My favorite sunrise this past month was this one, seen from a fun mystery cache called The Voices Are Back? Never did see the sun, but loved the reflection of light on the low lying storm clouds.

The whole month has been a reminder that even in stormy weather, the sun rises again.


  1. I like all five. Wish I had the initiative to get up before sunrise. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Jerry. It's worth the early wakeup when it's so hot the rest of the day.