Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wandering East & West

With the projects finished a day early, we decided to drive to Kellogg, Idaho just to see what we might see. My brother loves to visit car dealers and my sister-in-law is always up for a drive, so they picked us up and chauffeured us to Idaho. I was very surprised to see what looked to be a Spanish style mission along the way so we had to stop for a picture. Turns out, the mission is the oldest building in Idaho, built in 1850.

We'd introduced my brother to geocaching early in our stay. When we stopped at the mission, he said there ought to be a geocache around here so we checked online and then went to find a cache less than a mile away.

Our destination for the day was the famous Dave Smith dealerships in Kellogg. We spent a bunch of time with a measuring tape, and then discovered the RAM 1500 could be lowered 2 inches with a rear spring change which moved it to the top of our list. In spite of having nearly 500 RAM 1500 trucks in stock, they didn't have the combination I wanted. Most are configured for mileage instead of towing ability.

My brother was most impressed with our experience. Helpful without being pushy. I think the thing that really did it for him was the barbecued burgers that they serve every Saturday. The GM side of the street even has the grill built right into the face of the building.

While we were finishing up our free lunch, the phone chirped with e-mail announcements of new geocaches that we would pass on our way home. Turns out, we got the First To Find on both caches. They were challenging hides which made it even better experience for my brother.

Sunday, we pulled up stakes in Spokane and headed towards Ellensburg in the rain. Along the way we stopped at one of the rest stops to take advantage of the free dump station. The sign was nice, but the view was much more Western Washington style - low clouds and drizzle.

We tucked into "our" spot beside the garage at Glory Farm, returning for our third week-long visit. I was excited to see what projects they had on the list for me this year.


  1. Ya' gotta watch those towing combinations. I got burned the first time. Good luck on your search.

    1. It's getting interesting - I'm apparently already too close to the end of the model year to get exactly what I want... I'll keep dreaming.

  2. John, how about sharing your criteria for a tow vehicle--both past and present--in the Scamp section in your copious amounts of free time? TIA.

    1. Tow vehicles are such a personal choice. I'll undoubtably do a post about it when we finally get one, but ...