Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Let's Go Racing

I've really enjoyed my involvement with Rebuilding Together. Most of my time with them has been related to building accessibility ramps, but I'm willing to do whatever they need.

Recently they asked if I could process nearly 200 blocks of poplar for an upcoming quasi Pine Derby fundraiser. Each block required two passes through the table saw to create
a vee groove in the top of the block.
Then each block needed two passes over the dado blade to create the slots for the axles,

followed by drilling four holes in each block.

With the second box nearly full,

I had to insert the axles, wheels, and large head nails to see how it was going to look. I didn't bother with the rubber bands that hold the can in place.

They haven't set the date for the fund raiser yet, nor have they published the rules, but I'm already thinking about ways to cheat. ;-) If I made a block out of hard maple it would be about the same color but lots heavier... I'm open to suggestions!


  1. John, I am always amazed at the diversity in your blog.....little beer racers!!!
    Bet you would never cheat.

    1. My brother, who clearly knows me better than you do, sent me a whole list of links to study. Turns out, most of them are potentially legal - at least they didn't advocate for exceeding the weight limit. I'm still waiting to see the rules they decide on so I'll know where I can get "flexible." :-)

  2. Oh, I can't wait for the follow-up post on this one!!

    1. They haven't scheduled it yet, but it sure has potential to be a lot of fun!

  3. Our post office used to voluntarily weigh the cars, so we'd know how much weight to add or take off! There was even an open class and one year this Momma got to was pink...with a little driver!