Monday, September 23, 2013

I Know I Said, But ...

Beautiful drive north today - 500 miles north. This time (this is the tenth trip to Moab with one or more boats in the past 15 years) I actually stopped at Cow Springs to take a picture of the remains of the Standard Oil station. Each time I expect it will be gone, but it's still there - and not much worse than the first time I saw it.

I was sure surprised to see a billboard advertising the Amigo Cafe in Kayenta. Claiming "world famous" which raises an eyebrow but they did have a new sign out front. We've stopped there many times, but this time it was too early to think about a Navajo taco, so I just kept moving.

I didn't stop in Monument Valley, either. Someday I want to spend some time here, but this wasn't the time. Driving solo, I just kept moving.

I really don't understand why Moab does get more respect. It's a fun town located in beautiful red rock country. Think Sedona without the yuppie bling, more outdoors oriented, and lots more (miles more) red rock. But then, we've never spent time in Moab other than as a base for Green River trips.

First stop, as always, was at GearHeads. In addition to having a wonderful store with gear for all sorts of outdoor sports, they also have a water filtration system and provide free water to fill your containers. Since the Green River is extremely muddy, it's much easier to haul water - a gallon for each day.

Home for the night is the Red Rock Lodge. I described it years ago as "very rustic" but walking distance to town. It's now years older and even more rustic but this year they've added free wi-fi, a benefit close to a blogger's heart! Tomorrow morning we'll be lined up at Tex's Riverways for our shuttle to Ruby Ranch.


  1. If you come through Moab, GearHeads is worth a look!

  2. Way to go John. We really liked Moab too. Kewl little town & loved, loved, loved all the big red rocks & arches. Kamper Bob just stopped by! He's off on Half Pint to check out Cameron Pass then back for a visit. And Poudre Canyon just reopened today! Hope to see you at Q again in Feb.

    1. Glad you saw Bob AND that Poudre Canyon has reopened! I think he would have a ball in this area if the National Parks weren't shut down. We got off the river today after a wonderful 100 mile trip.